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[Insight] The hidden fees and skyrocketing bills of giving birth
[Insight] Climate change and increased popularity drives avocado prices
Online wine retailer hides labels until after purchase
Arts & Culture june 6, 2012

Bar Gives Drink Discounts Based On How Much The Market Has Dropped

If shares did badly that day, patrons at the Waldorf Astoria's Bull & Bear receive a reduced price on their cocktails.

Technology october 3, 2011

Track Price Changes Of Restaurant Menus

Website run by a well-known food critic lets you know when restaurant menu prices increase.

august 22, 2011

Soaring Price Of Gold Creates Selling Frenzy In Japan [Headlines]

Japan is racing to sell everything gold. Line ups are so long, some trading shops have to turn customers away.

august 2, 2011

High Number Of Returns Forces Google To Slash Price Of Its TV Box, Revue [Headlines]

Google hopes slashing the price of its TV box, Revue, will attract more customers to buy it and hopefully, keep it.

Technology july 21, 2011

Netflix Says Price Hike Will Cover The Cost Of Offering Better Services

The online rental service says delivery charges and increasing expenses to acquire movie-streaming licenses are the reasons for its price hike.

july 20, 2011

Biofuel Demand Keeps Food Prices High [Headlines]

A Farm Foundation report reveals that the need for biofuel is indeed the reason for high food prices in the past year.

Innovation april 25, 2011

The Emotional Impact Of Money

A test explores the link stress plays in our financial decisions.

Work january 25, 2011

Chris Harrison: “Price war: Cuts Are Great For Consumers, Not For Brands”

Discounting is a short-term policy. And it places some businesses you in the last chance saloon faster than they ever would have imagined.

Work june 22, 2010

Seth Godin: Gifts, Misunderstood

What really makes something a gift?

Advertising may 11, 2009

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