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Portable Makeup Printer Promises the Perfect Foundation Shade

  • 23 december 2015
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A Portable Smartphone Printer Puts Your Selfies on Old Receipt Rolls

Printer Case Offers Mobile-Friendly Portable Printing

Tiny Mobile Printer Moves Itself Across The Page

Christmas Carol Transformed Into A Real-Life Price Index [Video]

Discarded Electronic Scraps Assemble Into A Functional 3D Printer [VIDEO]

Samsung’s Easy-To-Assemble Origami Printer

Crowdsourced Marketplace Lets 3D-Printers Bid On Buyers’ Designs

How Long Would It Take To 3D Print A House?

Tesco To Explore In-Store 3D Printing

Hacked Inkjet Printer Uses Colorful Felt Pens To Create Faux Hand-Drawn Works [Pics]

Happiness Machine Captures Happy Thoughts From The Web & Prints Them

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