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Technology october 26, 2016

Contraband Recorder Helps Those In Need Capture Captive Conversations

Designer Marianna Mezhibovkaya created the device to help prison inmates capture crucial evidence of abuse

Sustainability may 23, 2016

What A 30th Generation Winemaker Can Teach Us About Our Prison System

A heritage brand has dedicated itself to solving recidivism in Italian prisons

Arts & Culture may 2, 2016

Inmates Learn About Social Media Through This Clothing Project

Program is helping provide women with technology skills that would otherwise be missed under incarceration

Mobile september 16, 2014

Social Media Photos Turned into Postcards for Inmates

After serving time, entrepreneur starts Pigeonly to bridge divide between prisoners and society

Work march 12, 2014

Convicted Felons Create Ad Campaigns For Major Brands [Pics]

Concepting With Convicts taps into prisoners' creative potential.

Luxury october 15, 2013

13 Storied You Need To Know Today

Prisons let computers decide who gets parole, and Google will start showing friends your reviews.

Home august 6, 2013

High-End Italian Furniture Crafted By Ex-Cons [Video]

Fashion house Marni creates an interiors line that aims to provide a social service as well as make an aesthetic product.

Innovation april 23, 2013

Prison To Be Recreated As Peace Center

In Northern Ireland, Studio Daniel Libeskind collaborates on the redesign of 'The Maze' building with a troubled past.

Luxury march 4, 2013

Dutch Prison Transformed Into Luxury Hotel [Pics]

The Het Arresthuis jail in the Netherlands now features forty guest rooms and four large suites.

IoT july 26, 2011

No More Silk Suits For Jailed Mobsters [Headlines]

Italy's Ucciardone prison had a reputation for being more of a five-star hotel than a lockup for criminals, but a new policy calls for a shutdown of their extravagant prison lifestyles, starting with designer label suits.

Arts & Culture april 29, 2011

Can Food Be A Tool For Soft Control?

As part of Food for Thinkers week, Bryan Finoki turns the attention of food writing onto incarcerated cuisine.

Technology april 11, 2011

Indian Prisoners To Operate Call Centers

High-security prison launching new scheme to use inmates as call center workers.

Technology january 29, 2010

P:log Allows Prisoners To Blog While Serving Their Sentence

P:log is a concept system that allows prisoners to keep their thoughts in blog form while serving their sentence.

Work march 5, 2009

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