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Technology june 10, 2013

Walmart Bus Stops Allow Shopping During Commute

QR codes lets bus riders pick up a few things on the way home using their phones.

Work february 17, 2013

Frog: Procter & Gamble Says Emotional Connections Are Crucial For Branding

Mindsharing chats with Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at the major multinational consumer goods corporation.

Work april 5, 2012

P&G Bans Use Of Netflix And Pandora In Their Offices [Headlines]

The mega brand was forced to limit their employee access to certain online entertainment sites because of lack of productivity while at work.

Home april 26, 2011

P&G’s Coupon Copy Fail

What happens when a coupon book full of ad copy and images aimed at middle-American stay-at-home moms ends up in the mailbox of a Brooklyn feminist vegan cooking collective?

Innovation april 19, 2011

Branded Entertainment: P&G And Walmart To Continue “Family Movie Night”

The success of their made-for-TV movies means five more will air on NBC this year.

Retail december 10, 2008

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