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Design & Architecture november 18, 2013

Kickstarter Project Asks Marketers To Turn Funding Into Brand Placement [Pics]

Keiichi Matsuda is making a film series on the “city of the future.” His Kickstarter invites brands to place their logos in the upcoming film.

Gaming & Play august 7, 2012

Tiny Radio-Controlled MINIs Retrive Olympic Javelins From Field

One quarter sized MINI Coopers are helping out at the London Games in a creative marketing move by BMW.

Technology april 6, 2012

Buy Designer Clothes Straight From A Music Video

Viewers get to listen to a new track while shopping for their favorite look.

Arts & Culture december 13, 2011

Budweiser To Revive Brand With Reality TV Show

Beer brewer hopes to increase sales with new television show airing January next year.

Advertising july 19, 2011

China Brands In Hollywood Placement Push [Headlines]

Campaign to feature products in Transformers film highlights Chinese companies’ determination to raise their global and domestic profiles.

Gaming & Play june 14, 2011

Video Game Product Placement: The Next Big Step In Advertising

Modern technology is being utilized to ensure the target market is surrounded by in-game advertisements.

Advertising may 3, 2011

The Dodge Charger’s Winning Product Placement In ‘Fast Five’

The company's successful product placement and marketing tie-ins should convert to a rise in sales.

Arts & Culture april 21, 2011

Review: Spurlock’s Greatest Movie Ever Sold

A contemplation on how entertainment culture is being changed and possibly damaged as creators take money from brands.

Advertising april 21, 2011

Hyatt Hotels One Of Many Brands Benefiting From Spurlock Film

Hyatt paid to appear in 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold' and are now promoting the film in their hotels.

Work march 30, 2011

Branded Messaging And The Future Of Product Placement

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold's attack on the ubiquity of product placement could be seen as a win for the advertising industry.

Home march 4, 2011

Nestle Crosses An Advertising Rubicon

A new era in UK television advertising is discretely ushered onto British television screens.

Arts & Culture january 27, 2011

The Greatest Film Ever Sold: A Look At Product Placement And Advertising In The Movies

Morgan Spurlock debuts "Pom Wonderful Presents... The Greatest Film Ever Sold," which was completely financed by product placement within the film.

Mobile may 12, 2009

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