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Design & Architecture may 17, 2016

Google Designers Introduce Female Professional Emojis

This new set of emojis give men and women professional parity

Work august 15, 2013

1-Hour Delivery Service Brings Groceries To Any Location

Time starved professionals can now get their shopping delivered same-day.

Technology october 8, 2012

Get Mentored On Video Chat By Top Talent In The Industry

PivotPlanet helps people looking for a coach within their chosen industry. It offers career advice and information via online conference or voice chat.

Innovation august 15, 2012

Which Professions Drink The Most Coffee? [Infographic]

A new survey by Dunkin' Donuts and CareerBuilder reveals what kind of professionals need a boost in the workplace.

Travel august 1, 2012

Startup Offers Travel Intelligence To Frequent Flyers

Online website aggregates industry-related news for hard-core travelers.

IoT december 12, 2011

New Online Business Network Allows People To Trade In Favors lets professionals post requests and receive help from the community.

Work july 23, 2011

Creative Dispensers By Post-It

The stick note brand showcases unique dispensers that take the form of bags, shoes, and apples to inspire and amuse.

Mobile february 28, 2011

What Do You Want To See Included In The iPad 2?

PSFK asked our experts at the Purple List what they would like to see included in future iPads.

Sustainability january 21, 2011

Events To Attend This Weekend: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion & A Weekend Of Hacking Music

A handful of interesting gatherings to consider for the weekend and upcoming week.

Advertising april 2, 2010

Amateur Photographers In More Demand Than Professionals

Amateur photography is on the rise, driven by stock agencies which license photos and sell them to print media.


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