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[News] An army of hackers are exposing the vulnerability of our everyday devices
Work september 9, 2016

Operating System Doubles As A Fantastic Resume

Developer Mathieu Passenaud got ahead of the curve by building a piece of software to stand in as his CV

Education july 25, 2016

This Walking Companion Is Designed To Teach A New Generation Of Roboticists

The toy provides an educational platform for both kids and adults alike

Design & Architecture march 9, 2016

STEAM Kits Prepare Kids for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

New littleBits kits explore creativity through electronic building blocks

Technology january 7, 2016

LEGO Robotics Kit Lets Kids Code Their Way to Mars

An educational division at the toy company created a system that allows blossoming developers to explore the Amazon rainforest and more

Gaming & Play may 25, 2015

$9 Pocket Computer Built for Work, Play and Everything in Between

C.H.I.P. is a device that has the ability to complete the same tasks as your standard desktop but at a fraction of a fraction of the cost and size

Technology may 15, 2015

Tiny ‘Gameboy’ Fits Your Favorite Retro Games Anywhere

Arduboy is a tiny gaming system that lets you play, create and share 8-bit games

Syndicated may 1, 2015

Supermodels Join Drive for Women to Embrace Coding

Karlie Kloss and Lily Cole are inspiring girls to shake up a tech world dominated by male enthusiasts

Design & Architecture april 24, 2015

Learn How to Make an LED Tank Top

Leah Buechley's DIY wearable will light up any night

Arts & Culture july 29, 2014

Code School Founder on Creating a Diverse Tech Community

Gregg Pollack discusses how the gamification of programming is just one step in equalizing an industry lacking in women and minorities

Sustainability july 3, 2014

The Future Of Children’s Entertainment Is Youtube, Minecraft And Apps

While kids are increasingly digital consumers, that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning traditional entertainment.

Innovation june 27, 2014

Crowd Teaches Robot With Video Games

Cornell researchers teach a robot simple human commands by playing a video game.

Gaming & Play june 26, 2014

Teaching Game Has Players Code The Levels As They Play Them

Beta is a code-teaching game about making a game where players are in the game at the same time.

Work may 19, 2014

Programming Language For Kids Allows Them To Make Mistakes [Video]

Scratch makes it easy for children to create interactive stories, games and art.


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