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Design & Architecture may 18, 2016

Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Drive-in Theater

Take an outdoor movie experience anywhere with this portable projector

Technology april 6, 2016

Projector Tracks Faces And Uses Them As A Canvas

Inspired by Japanese face masks, this tool opens up a dynamic possibilities for entertainment

Mobile december 15, 2014

Pocket Projector Turns Your Wall into a Television

Adayo Smart Projector delivers a big screen you can carry in your pocket

Work october 31, 2014

HP’s Sprout is Changing How We Interact with Creativity

The Sprout combines hands-swipe interactivity with a scanner and projector for multifunctional, user-friendly creativity

Sustainability october 10, 2013

Key Trends Driving Light’s Use As A Communication Tool [Future of Light]

Solutions investigating the ways light can convey information through color, design and frequency or as a medium for transmitting data over distances.

Cities march 26, 2013

Bike Light Projects Cyclist’s Speed On The Road In Front Of Them [Video]

Matt Richardson's hack displays a moving odometer in real-time.

Technology march 19, 2013

Spinning RFID-Enabled Plates Showcase Student Artworks [Video]

Interactive exhibit uses radio frequencies to project various works.

Mobile january 14, 2013

Microsoft Turns Entire Walls Into TV Screens

IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept that projects images beyond your TV for a more immersive gaming experience.

Arts & Culture october 2, 2012

Turn Any Wall Into A Drive-In Movie Theatre With Built-In Car Projector [Pics]

The ForStars concept vehicle brings portable entertainment to a new level.

Work september 13, 2012

Compact Spider Works As Computer, Projector And Mobile Phone

New Spider computer connects to Cloud to provide users a portable computer and mobile phone.

Technology june 26, 2012

Projected Display Turns Any Floor Into A Virtual Playground [Video]

An interactive space where up to 15 participants can play games like soccer and hockey.

Mobile february 27, 2012

Samsung To Launch Projector Phone

Galaxy Beam that will project photos and videos to any flat services

Design & Architecture december 19, 2011

Historic Building Transformed Into An Interactive Pinball Game [Video]

The CĂ©lestins theater in France is turned with a playable and fun projection.

Advertising december 7, 2011

Sony 3D Projection Brings Films To Life [Video]

A cool series of videos to promote the Great Films Fill Rooms campaign.


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