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Work february 6, 2013

Comedian Promotes Alexander Wang Fashion In-Store [Video]

A MADtv character becomes a sales girl at the fashion designer's NYC flagship store.

Retail january 9, 2013

McDonald’s Changes Its Name In Australia

The global fast food chain will temporarily change its signage to Macca's -- which is what the brand is commonly called in the land down under.

Technology october 3, 2012

Rdio Rewards Artists For Attracting New Subscribers

Music streaming service hopes to bring in more users through its new incentives program.

Mobile october 3, 2012

App Makes Finding Craft Beers Easier & More Social

Taplister maps out beers by location through crowdsourced information.

Technology october 3, 2012

Adidas Interactive Storefront Lets Shoppers Play Dress-Up With Virtual Mannequins

Sportswear brand debuts a high-tech shopping window to enhance user-experience.

Mobile september 18, 2012

Nestle Embeds GPS In Chocolate Bars For Real-Life ‘Golden Ticket’ Contest

The brand’s ‘We Will Find You’ promotion in the UK includes 6 trackable bars that when activated will prompt the prize team to locate the person and give them £10,000.

Home september 14, 2012

11 Stories You Need to Know Today

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, bank paying interest in ice cream, and the anticipated Wii U launch...Links to start your day with.

Travel september 5, 2012

‘Bookmarking’ Tool Lets Mobile Users Tag Real-World Places

Grafetee gives smartphone users relevant location-based deals and information when they 'bookmark' places on a map.

Advertising july 9, 2012

World’s Fastest Guitarist Goes Up Against A Volkswagen [Video]

Car manufacturer tests out how fast popular YouTube stars--known for their speed--are compared the brand's vehicles.

Travel june 12, 2012

Hotel Accepts Doodles From Artists As Payment For Rooms

Free accommodation in exchange for artworks that are signed by their creators.

Technology june 7, 2012

How Much Is Too Much For Brands To Be Paying Bloggers? [Headlines]

Somewhere between journalism and advertising some companies are spending six figures for the sense of authenticity and to connect with the large followings of independent critics.

Syndicated june 6, 2012

Ed Cotton: Captain Morgan’s Search For Branded Content Treasure

The rum brand strikes gold in deciding to fund a real life Indiana Jones on a dive for their namesake's pirate trove.

Work may 28, 2012

Nestle’s ‘Magic 8 Ball’ Waterfall Predicts The Future For Passersby [Video]

Amazing installation tells the fortune using falling water droplets.

Advertising may 21, 2012

Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Transforms An Abandoned Paris Metro Station

An unused train platform is decorated to promote the film Prometheus mimicking the iconic cave where the movie takes place.


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