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Entertainment july 29, 2016

This Designer Figured Out How To Become A Goat

A creative set out on a journey across the Alps as an animal, complete with false prosthetics and a goatherd

Technology june 15, 2016

Fashionable Prosthetics Designed Straight From A Video Game

Open Bionics partners with game studio Eidos-Montreal to make an affordable prosthetic arm

Work january 7, 2015

3D Printing Innovations Are Good News For Animals, Too

Pets lives are being changed with some smart use of 3D-printed prosthetic limbs

Home october 20, 2014

Printable Body Parts Leap Forward with Printed Jaw

A cancer survivor's reconstructive surgery was made safer and more successful with the same 3D printing technology responsible for those Yahoo! giveaways from your last conference.

Design & Architecture september 15, 2014

3D-Printed Arms Turn Kids into Superheroes

Charity organization E-Nabling The Future helps 3D print prosthetics for children in need

Work may 13, 2014

Segway Inventor Debuts A Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm

The DEKA Arm an be can perform complex actions that almost recreate the actual functionality of a human limb.

Luxury december 23, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

New York is banning e-cigarettes, someone got a Picasso for $138, and more.

Advertising november 11, 2013

New Technique Produces Affordable Prosthetics In Days [VIDEO]

Thanks to the phenomenon that is 3D printing technology, a new medical revelation has the potential of cutting recovery times in half.

Luxury october 18, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

A bionic man will set foot in D.C. tomorrow as Yandex launches a Google competitor.

Sustainability august 18, 2013

Sophie Maxwell: Scaling Up Vs Scaling Down

The next challenge for brands is to meet human and consumer needs on both a global and local scale.

IoT april 25, 2013

Implantable Chip Could Combat Memory Loss

A neuroscientist aims to restore people's ability to form long-term memories and is experimenting with silicon chips that can process information.

Arts & Culture february 8, 2013

$1 Million Bionic Man Looks Strikingly Human

'Rex' doesn't have working vital organs, but 60-70% of the human body was replicated for the world's first bionic man.

Mobile december 2, 2012

Robotic Hand Mimics Human Movement And Looks Real

New prosthetic robot arm provides unprecedented control by reading the user's natural muscle movements.

Syndicated october 31, 2011

Arts Thread: Privacy Helmets And Vanity Prosthetics In Poland

The Łódź Design Festival in Poland explores the intricacies between the human body, science, and design.


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