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[Insight] What goes into organizing a successful protest?
Advertising june 17, 2016

Mascara Has Become A Tool For Political Protest

A new mascara promises to create beautiful lashes and a political statement

Syndicated march 24, 2016

Staging a Revolution: Can Theater Be An Effective Form of Activism?

Performance has been connected to political causes but does it have an impact?

Arts & Culture february 5, 2016

As Protest, Film Made Censors Watch Paint Dry for 607 Minutes

British filmmaker crowdfunded a BBFC certificate to draw attention to their expensive fees

Mobile january 14, 2015

'Je Suis Charlie' Sympathizers Mapped In Solidarity

Check-in app lets Charlie Hebdo supporters celebrate freedom of expression

Home january 28, 2014

A Look Back At The Life Of A Man Who Fought Injustice With His Guitar

Folk singer Pete Seeger passed away on January 27th, leaving behind a legacy of political activism and inspirational music.

Work january 22, 2014

How Flashmobs Are Taking Over As The Newest Form Of Social Protest

A retail center in Rio is latest site of a new kind of civil disobedience where lower class youths party in spaces occupied by the wealthy.

Innovation november 20, 2013

Online Organization Invents A New Type Of 21st Century Protest

With 30 million members, Avaaz is an online organization that helps activists protest today's most divisive issues.

Partner Content september 10, 2013

Nude Mannequins Protest Against Synthetic Fabrics During NYFW

America's Cotton Producers and Importers create a creative platform to discourage retailers from using cheap, fast fashion materials.

Innovation august 13, 2013

Jewelry Holds Live Animals To Protest Fur Industry

Artist avoids blood and gore in her attempt to denounce the animal cruelty.

Technology august 2, 2013

How Journalists Are Using Google Glass To Livestream War Protests

Conflict correspondents are exploring the potential of the new technology for covering live world events.

Design & Architecture july 11, 2013

Sketches Depict The Human Side Of Political Protest

Line drawings show the Gezi protestors' living conditions in Turkey.

Luxury june 14, 2013

Water-Filled Condom Installation Lights Up Public Square [Pics]

Spanish lighting collective create installation inspired by rain.

Work april 1, 2013

Anti-Drone Hoodie May Keep Wearers Off The Radar

Unmanned surveillance drones are a global concern, but designer Adam Harvey has concocted a potentially workable solution.


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