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Innovation march 28, 2013

Backpack Boombox Integrates Speakers Into Design [Video]

Solid Gray's prototype design made from copolymer has high-quality sound equipment embedded into the material.

Technology march 13, 2013

NY Times Leaks Preview Of Website Redesign [Pics]

The prototype version of the new look places comments next to the article so you can read them in context.

Work march 12, 2013

Toaster Adds Top Google Image Of The Day Onto Slice Of Bread

Scott van Haastrecht's 'Image Toaster' is a prototype device that connects to a computer and prints onto your morning meal

Home march 11, 2013

Create 3D Printed Objects With Desktop Scanner

Makerbot's Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner prototype will enable anyone to scan a physical item, digitize it, and create it.

Technology february 28, 2013

Google & BERG Create Stand-Alone Video Chat Box [Video]

The 'Connbox' is a prototype device that connects live chat in a more physical way.

Mobile february 19, 2013

A Peek At The First Transparent Smartphone [Video]

Polytron Technologies' prototype device features switchable glass, which uses liquid crystal molecules and an electric current to generate a display.

Design & Architecture february 14, 2013

Pressure Sensitive Tool Turns Surgery Into Real Life ‘Operation’ Game

German researchers develop a special pressure-sensing handle to aid young doctors

Home january 30, 2013

Washington Post Robo App Fact Checks Speeches In Real-Time

The prototype aims to spot any false claims made by politicians during speeches, TV ads, or interviews.

Sustainability december 21, 2012

Did NASA Take Inspiration From Buzz Lightyear For New Space Suit?

The prototype Z-1 outfit is white with bright green stripes and offers increased mobility plus radiation protection.

Syndicated december 6, 2012

Springwise: Jeweler Offers Prototype Engagement In Case Your Partner Says No

UK jeweler Hot Pink is helping proposers save money by creating a model of their bespoke ring in place of the real thing.

Mobile november 19, 2012

Lightbulbs Controlled With A Smartphone [Video]

Spark is a special socket that connect ordinary lights to an online network.

Cities november 5, 2012

Air-Powered Motorcycle

The O2 Pursuit is a motorbike prototype by Dean Benstead that can go 100 km on a single tank of compressed air.

Innovation november 1, 2012

Airless Bike Tires

The prototype Energy Return Wheel has no air inside, only an internal rubber layer that is stretched and held taut.

Work october 28, 2012

Watch Monitors Stress Levels

New technology monitors autonomic nervous system, identifying changes and soothing its wearer.


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