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Fashion december 5, 2016

PSA Fashion Line Shines A Light On Victim Blaming

YWCA Canada is using fashion and sexist tweets to highlight how often we as a society blame the victim in cases of abuse

Mobile september 6, 2016

Insurance Campaign Illustrates The Dangers Of AR Gaming

This ad aims to curb road safety by reminding drivers about the consequences of playing mobile games behind the wheel

Social Media september 6, 2016

Powerful PSA Addresses The Dangers Of Facebook Bullying

The campaign draws attention to the psychological impact of cyber harassment

Advertising june 17, 2016

Unskippable Ad Shows The Perils Of Substance Impairment

This PSA illustrates how getting high impacts a driver's reaction time

Work january 15, 2015

Choke-Bag Wrapped Cosmo Magazine Raises Abuse Awareness

Cosmopolitan shames honor-based violence with gasp-inducing cover

Advertising november 19, 2014

Using Tinder Profiles to Tell Stories About Victims of Trafficking

Every swipe gets you closer to the realities of forced prostitution

Work november 10, 2014

Youth-Powered Social Cause Takes Shape in the Form of 'Bully Project'

Online platform lets artist showcase their work via mural, posters to help raise awareness

Arts & Culture november 4, 2014

New PSA Campaign from Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

This new initiative launches in time for this week's elections and forces the conversation our country keeps refusing to have

Innovation september 22, 2014

White House, Celebrities Collaborate on Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

The 'It’s On Us' campaign raises awareness to help prevent sexual violence on college campuses

Gaming & Play august 19, 2014

FDA Uses Minecraft as Anti-Smoking PSA Platform

Open world game is the latest setting for a clever public announcement

Advertising august 14, 2014

Yale Medical Library Exhibit Features Historical Tobacco Ads, Anti-Smoking Materials

The Ivy League university uploads a wealth of advertising both for and against tobacco products

Technology april 24, 2014

Harrowing PSA Mimics The Feeling Of Drowning [Video]

Interactive website shows why you should always wear a life vest.

Mobile april 8, 2014

Slow-Motion PSA Plays Out The Horrific Dangers Of Texting And Driving [Video]

Being distracted behind the wheel of a car has real consequences.

Sustainability march 14, 2014

Coca-Cola PSA Places Noisy Theatergoers In Movie Previews [Video] 

Cinema ad plays prank on audience members to discourage annoying behavior.


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