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Advertising may 11, 2016

Viacom Speaker To Share How Data Is Transforming Media [PSFK 2016]

VP for Data Strategy shares Viacom's innovations around art and science

Automotive april 8, 2016

Jaguar: How To Engage A Car Consumer In The Digital Age [PSFK 2016]

Before Uber talks reinventing cities at PSFK 2016, watch Jaguar mogul discuss automotive design

IoT may 28, 2015

Kenyatta Cheese: In World of Memes and Diehard Fans, the Audience Has an Audience [PSFK 2015]

How fans are sharing and repurposing media to articulate their ideas to the world

Design & Architecture may 20, 2015

A Plus-Shaped Pool Looks to Clean Up New York's East River [PSFK 2015]

Transforming New York’s East River; +Pool flips the model for civic projects

Work april 24, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Updates on NY's Underground Eden

Dan Barach's project, The Lowline, continues to gather support and detail and is closer than you think

Work april 22, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: A Master Class in Cultural Design

What is the best environment for employees to thrive in, and how do you cultivate community within the workspace?

Mobile april 17, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015 - Recap

An up-to-date account of our Live, Work, Play Better Conference straight from PSFK's editorial team

Editors Pick april 16, 2015

Let Loose this Friday with PSFK Conference Dance Party

DJ Tasha Blank invites anyone who wants to kick off the PSFK 2015 Conference to join her April 17 at 8:15AM for early morning cavorting

IoT april 16, 2015

How We Curated this Friday's PSFK Conference

Work-life balance is all but dead—reclaim it at our conference PSFK 2015: Live, Work Play Better

Advertising april 15, 2015

Friday's Speaker Lineup For PSFK 2015

The CEO of an email-based personal AI system, the COO of a GIF platform, and more are our PSFK 2015 speakers

Retail april 13, 2015

Presenting: A PSFK 2015 Master Class on the Future of Retail

Join our PSFK Labs team in exploring how to design multichannel retail experiences

Work april 13, 2015

PSFK 2015 Speaker on Emotional Connection that Drives People to Tweet at Sculptures

With his April 17 appearance at PSFK 2015 around the bend, we look back at CEO of Architizer's take on our emotional connections to structures

Technology april 13, 2015

Jawbone: People are Organizing Principle the Internet of Things Needs [PSFK 2015]

This Friday, April 17, hear Jawbone's VP for Marketing Danika Laszuk talk on why smart devices need to be working on our behalf

Arts & Culture april 13, 2015

PSFK 2015 Speaker on Getting a Militia and Anti-Narcotics Police Working Together

To commemorate his April 17 appearance at PSFK 2015, we look back at how disaster response played into Jesse Levin's work with startups


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