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Syndicated march 14, 2013

Glad Is: 9 Tips To Be A More Thoughtful Leader

Frank Striefler of agency DW+H shares key ideas for how to be an effective boss.

Cities february 1, 2013

Dining In The Dark Heightens Sensory Eating Experience

Amsterdam restaurant CTaste promotes eating without seeing and advertises with a dimmed down poster.

Sustainability september 23, 2010

Innovation And Sustainability In Fashion

A recap from part one of PSFK's Innovation in Fashion Salon that looks at how sustainability is driving the fashion business.

Work april 15, 2010

DIWO As The New DIY: PSFK Conference, Good Ideas On Changemaking

In the third part of our recent conference, Colin Beavan, Andrew Hoppin, John Dimatos, and Zach Lieberman talked about their approaches to changemaking.

Work april 14, 2010

What We Really Are And Want To Be: PSFK Conference, Good Ideas On Creative Refocus

In the second segment of talks at PSFK Conference NYC, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Erik Proulx, Adam Wells and Shantell Martin discussed approaches to refocus creative aspirations and careers.

Advertising january 29, 2010

Good Ideas Salon Mexico: Communities

On Tuesday, February 2nd, PSFK, Leonardo and Mandalah will present Good Ideas Salon Mexico: Communities.

Technology january 18, 2010

(Video) Good Ideas for 2010 #1

In our latest book we talk the Good Ideas to 'Confuse'. To help describe that notion, here are three videos that demonstrate it.

Design & Architecture january 18, 2010

Good Ideas for 2010: Confuse

Here's a preview of one idea from our new Good Ideas for 2010 book.

Work january 15, 2010

Good Ideas for 2010 Books Arrive At PSFK HQ

The 12 inch x 12 inch books arrived at our office this week looking sharp.

Home january 11, 2010

PSFK Presents: Good Ideas Salon With Seth Godin

On the morning of February 4, PSFK will host a Good Ideas Salon at Soho House with special guest Seth Godin.

Retail january 6, 2010

PSFK Presents Good Ideas for 2010 Book

Piers and the team at PSFK looked through a lot of the posts we have published in the last year and we selected what we consider some of thee most engaging (and sometimes challenging) projects being created by artists, designers, developers and other amazing minds.

Luxury november 20, 2009

Good Ideas Salon São Paulo: Collaboration

With Collaboration as its motto, the Good Ideas Salon São Paulo was the first to happen in South America.

Sustainability november 17, 2009

(Video) PSFK Talks To Hiromi Matsubara About Pure Living

PSFK caught up with Hiromi Matsubara at our recent Good Ideas in Pure Living event in Tokyo.

Sustainability november 13, 2009

(Video) PSFK Talks To Rie Azuma About Pure Living

PSFK caught up with Rie Azuma at our recent Good Ideas in Pure Living event in Tokyo.


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