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Design & Architecture september 15, 2016

Heineken Uses Graffiti To Help Restore Abandoned Stadium

The beer brand recruited a troupe of artists to help crowdfund renovation of an iconic Miami venue

Work february 10, 2014

Google Selects The Most Artistic Coders

The company is highlighting people who are pushing the boundaries of aesthetics using technology.

How illustrations are being used to respond to terrorist attacks (Dezeen)
Mobile october 23, 2013

Giant Floating Hand Flips The Bird At Czech Government

One artist public shares his thoughts about politics, and gives the ruling power his two cents.

Cities october 14, 2013

Suspended House Tells The Story Of Homeowners Affected By The Recession

A reflective pop-up art pavilion in downtown Flint, Michigan symbolizes the people and places who have been hurt by the worldwide recession.

Work october 7, 2013

City Railings Hide Secret Street Art [Pics]

German street art duo create interactive viewing experience in public spaces.

Advertising october 6, 2013

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

A 12-year-old talks marketing while a submarine surfaces through a city street. We round up this week's top ideas.

Arts & Culture august 23, 2013

Waste Sculptures Wrapped In Cling Film Pop Up On City Streets

Street art crew transforms trash and gives it a new purpose and life.

Work august 13, 2013

Hacked Street Signs Subvert With A Smile [Pics]

A series of street art that alters the meaning of traffic signs to surprise pedestrians and drivers during daily commutes.

Home july 23, 2013

Deconstructed Suburban Homes Explore America's Obsession With Home [Video]

Artist Kid Zoom explores the how cultural identity is tied up in these split-level houses.

Home june 26, 2013

Living Room Sculpture Hangs In Mid Air

French festival Le Voyage a Nantes turns the streets upside down with a unique way of showcasing art.

Technology june 25, 2013

Public Sculptures Encourage Outdoor Workouts

Flexible is an interactive fitness area, whose art pieces become platforms for physical activity.

Arts & Culture june 25, 2013

Massive Coca-Cola Logo Sculpture Created From Discarded Soda Bottles [Pics]

Design collective creates an art installation that acts as a statement against plastic pollution.

Sustainability may 31, 2013

Highway Underpass Transformed Into LED Ballroom [Pics]

Ballroom Luminoso turns public infrastructure into a light and shadow art installation.


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