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Technology august 31, 2016

VR Training For Active Shooter Preparedness

SurviVR is an immersive environment to teach civilians how to protect themselves in dangerous situations

Work january 15, 2013

Coca-Cola Tackles Obesity With New Ads

The campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to introducing lower calorie options and raise awareness about the public health issue.

Design & Architecture july 25, 2012

Researchers Mapped Child Poverty Levels Based By London Tube Station [Headlines]

Plotting basic signals of quality of life revealed health disparities along subway lines.

july 25, 2012

MIT Tracks How Infectious Disease Could Spread From Airport to Airport [Headlines]

The creation of epidemics through travelers as popularized in the recent film 'Contagion' has now been brought to life by the University.

Work march 29, 2011

Who Shares In The Riches Of Data Mining?

Growing awareness of the goldmine that is our personal data has potential to impact upon health research which depends on accurate information

Cities february 28, 2011

Who Are The World's Biggest Drinkers?

Richard Florida and his team at the Creative Class recently mined the World Health Organization's Global Status Report on Health and Drinking to extract meaningful conversation points from a large data-set ripe for assumptions.


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