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Travel july 19, 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign Makes Private New Zealand Beach Public

Almost 40,000 people donated $1.7 million to buy the plot of land and keep it out of the hands of private owners

Work june 24, 2014

Transparent Cubes Scattered Around Cities Create Instant Collaborative Work Spaces

The 'WW' concept could transform public spaces into areas for creativity and productivity.

Luxury april 9, 2014

Top Submissions For The ‘Cotel’ Announced On Stage At PSFK Conference 2014

Though the contest winners have yet to be decided, Prodigy Network will present the top early submissions in designing the hotel of the future.

Work february 25, 2014

Public Square Uses Artistic Basins To Collect And Recycle Rainwater

Watersquare Benthemplein is a open air public space featuring a sports arena, theater, and also a way to recycle water.

Cities february 13, 2014

How Parking Lot Design Can Revitalize Blighted Suburban Areas [Pics]

These four new designs take Long Island's parking lots to task.

Arts & Culture august 12, 2013

Heat Plant Converted Into A Geometric Community Center [Pics]

Ambitious conversion houses art galleries, climbing wall and a rooftop terrace.

Advertising july 23, 2013

Public Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers [Pics]

Foldable chairs with movable petal-like seats provide useful seating and aesthetic design.

Arts & Culture june 6, 2013

Artist Hacks City With Clip-On Swing Sets [Pics]

Thor ter Kulve turns ordinary structures into fun interactive objects.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Zaha Hadid To Design Flowing Metro Station In Saudi Arabia [Pics]

The King Abdullah Financial District stop will be covered in a three-dimensional lattice with sculpted curves.

Technology april 5, 2013

Online Game Demonstrates Where Urban Dwellers Seek Privacy In Cities

BMW Guggenheim Lab's Public/Private creates unique visual graphs of where people think they are alone.

Lynn Massachusetts' Annual Pop-Up Street Gallery of Public Art, By the Public
Technology april 3, 2013

High-Tech Tree Houses Could Be Popping Up In City Parks [Pics]

Invisible Works designs temporary biomimicry structures that blend into their surroundings.

Luxury october 30, 2012

Rethinking City Space For Greater Public Use

From an urban rendition of 'Chutes and Ladders' to a public urinal that doubles as a planter, ideas to reinvent community spaces.

Advertising october 14, 2012

Choreographing Public Spaces To Tell Stories – James Tichenor & Josh Walton, Rockwell Group [Video]

Founders of Rockwell Labs explain how digital and physical realms come together to create spectacle and novel experiences.


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