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Design & Architecture september 27, 2016

Small Urban Pavilions Create A Nature Refuge In East London

These relaxing micro shelters provide a haven amidst chaotic city environments

Technology july 20, 2016

What It Takes To Build NYC’s First Underground Park

Reviving the Lower East Side with an urban park that exists underground

Work april 17, 2014

Southwest Airlines Is Revitalizing Public Spaces In 90 US Cities

The 'Heart of the Community' initiative will support and activate places where the airline serves.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2013

Public Kitchen Provides Construction Equipment To Make On-The-Go Meals [Pics]

Construisine pushes visitors to see material and nutrition as equal basics for creation.

Cities august 6, 2013

Artists Turn City Streets Into A Cozy Living Room [Pics]

Smart and BoConcept's 'My Urban Living Room' project commissions artists to transform public spaces.

Work june 27, 2013

Crowdsourced Open Air Street Art Galleries Reclaim Public Space [Video]

Wallpeople is a collective that brings people together to decorate empty walls around various themes.

Syndicated november 26, 2012

What Is Milking?

First came planking, followed by Batmanning and owling. Now students are 'milking' – pouring milk over themselves in public places.

Gaming & Play july 27, 2012

How Will Sponsored Viewing Sites Affect Public Opinion Of The Olympics? [Headlines]

A look at the effect that sponsorship of public viewing spaces will have on Londoners' perception of the Games.

Cities july 11, 2012

Parking Spaces Transformed Into Miniature Parks In San Francisco

The city's ‘Pavement To Parks’ program reclaims under-utilized roadway for public open spaces that promote pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Mobile june 20, 2012

Tiny Mobile Kitchen Lets People Sit & Eat In Public Spaces [Pics]

Design studio chmara.rosinke's 'project mobile hospitality' is a wheelbarrow cooking set up, table and folding stools that move from place to place.

Design & Architecture may 9, 2012

New Hotel In Reykjavik Designed To Double As Public Square [Pics]

OOIIO architecture are updating an existing city plaza with a design that provides open spaces for people to enjoy.

Advertising april 30, 2012

Urban Hacktivist Turns Rotating Street Ads Into A Carousel [Video]

Florian Riviere transforms a streetside advertisement pole into an installation for kids to enjoy.

IoT april 19, 2012

Urban Furniture Concept Transforms Public Spaces [Pics]

"uiliuili" by Piotr Zuraw Architekt is a unique sculptural object that functions as informal seating.

Arts & Culture april 4, 2012

Urban Hacktivist Fills French Streets With Creative Interventions [Pics]

Florian Rivière reimagines public space in Strasbourg by putting hurdles on the sidewalks and crafting back rests for benches.


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