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Fashion july 21, 2016

These Acrylic Nails Double As An Oyster Card

A set of false fingernails that contain a transit card microchip allow a rider to enter the tube with just a touch

Travel march 29, 2016

New York City MTA Unveils the Bus of the Future

2,000 connected buses featuring Wi-Fi and USB ports to hit NYC streets

Innovation march 24, 2016

The Future Is Urban—But What Does It Look Like?

Project explores when the boundaries of reality, imagination and a city's potential are broken

Advertising february 9, 2016

Scratch & Sniff Posters Neutralize Smelly MTA Subway Stations

Coming soon to a foul subway stop near you

Study finds that Uber and Lyft support, rather than compete with, demand for public transit (Washington Business Journal)
Design & Architecture february 13, 2014

How Parking Lot Design Can Revitalize Blighted Suburban Areas [Pics]

These four new designs take Long Island's parking lots to task.

Work february 10, 2014

Hybrid Subway System Transitions Seamlessly Between Suburbs and Downtown

The city of Sheffield in the UK is installing the first tram-train in the country.

Advertising january 28, 2014

Public Buses Lure Riders With On-Board Augmented Reality Entertainment

The public transit system in Aberdeen, Scotland has placed onboard entertainment on the backs of the bus seats.

Technology january 28, 2014

Austin Enables Commuters To Swap Paper Tickets For Smartphone Swipes

People can buy and store their transit passes on their mobile devices via the new CapMetro app.

Arts & Culture december 30, 2013

Paris Metro Train Covertly Covered In Gift Wrap [Pics]

A creative agency briefly gave a Metro train a festive identity.

Luxury december 10, 2013

French Guide Helps Tourists Use Parisian Subway System Politely [Pics]

An illustrated e-book tells visitors to France how to avoid the pitfalls of rude behavior.

Technology september 25, 2013

How Mobile Ticketing Will Change The Face Of Public Transit

Public transit riders in Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas can pay for their fares via an app.

Arts & Culture may 15, 2013

Light Art Maps How People Navigate Their Cities [Video]

Schema Design used different methods of data visualization to develop a better understanding of public transit in San Francisco, Zurich, and Geneva.

Cities march 15, 2013

Students Set Up Fake Train Station To Protest For Better Public Transit

The Purple Line Project created a fake train station to demonstrate what Miami could be like with a better transportation system.


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