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Technology december 20, 2013

Jump Rope Generates Useable Electricity From Exercise

PULSE harvests kinetic energy which is converted to electricity and can be used to charge small devices.

Luxury december 5, 2013

Shoes Track Whether Athletes Are Running Properly

This new form of wearable tech has a more intimate relationship with your foot than even most socks.

Partner Content november 7, 2013

Device Turns Any Set Of Earphones Into Pulse Monitor

Our smartphones could soon be used to monitor vital heart stats, helping improve overall health.

Advertising june 28, 2013

Watch Alerts Wearers Of Future Heart Attacks

New device constantly monitors the body’s pulse and makes users aware of fluctuations.

Zite's Mark Johnson Talks About News Reading App Landscape
Mobile september 26, 2012

Color-Changing Ring Tracks Heart Rate During Exercise

ElectricFoxy's 'Pulse' has three colors that light up to tell the wearer if their heart rate is above, below, or on point with what it should be.

Technology october 12, 2010

Fatigue Sensor Tells You When To Step Away From The Computer

A special device measures the tiredness level of its user.

Technology june 9, 2010

How The NY Times Appears On Temporarily Banned App

A look at what the newspaper made a complaint about.

Work august 20, 2009
Technology may 21, 2009

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