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Purdue University
Technology june 27, 2013

Tool Lets Designers Mold Digital 3D Models With Their Hands

Purdue University researchers have developed Shape-It-Up, which allows designers to create and modify items using gestures.

Sustainability april 3, 2013

Recyclable Solar Cells Made From Trees

Team from Georgia Tech and Purdue develop energy production device made from recyclable organic material.

Mobile december 5, 2012

Scan Eyes To Unlock Smartphones

Security software allows people to bypass the security on their mobile devices just by looking at it.

Luxury november 19, 2012

Radiant Energy Creates Healthy Deep-Fried Food Without Using Oil [Video]

Fryer uses new technology to cook foods with less fat and fewer calories.

Technology may 23, 2012

Foldable Robots Inspired By The Art Of Origami

Engineers create mechanisms that can be flat-packed and morphed into 3D objects.

july 20, 2011

Biofuel Demand Keeps Food Prices High [Headlines]

A Farm Foundation report reveals that the need for biofuel is indeed the reason for high food prices in the past year.

Innovation december 7, 2010

New Thermoelectric Engine Will Reduce Fuel Consumption

Researchers from Purdue University and General Motors have created an engine that can potentially improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Design & Architecture june 16, 2010

Scientists Create A New Metamaterial

A new lab-created substance reflects almost no light, making it possibly the darkest material ever.


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