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Retail november 18, 2014

The Word-of-Mouth Advantage of Quality Products Selling Themselves [Future Of Retail]

Founder and CEO of American Giant discusses why highly informed and vocal consumers spending their money on products that matter to them represents a profound shift in retail.

Home april 12, 2013

Chobani Founder: Why Quality & Community Are The Keys To Brand Success [PSFK 2013]

Ahead of PSFK CONFERENCE 2013, Hamdi Ulukaya speaks with PSFK about how the consumers themselves helped him form his product.

Technology october 1, 2012

Neil Young Reveals His Own iPod-Competitor Music Player

Pono is a minimalistic device that converts digital music into high-quality analog sound.

Technology july 17, 2012

Amazon Bests Google As The #1 Consumer Brand [Headlines]

Have Google Plus and privacy issues hurt the brand's image and reputation?

Syndicated october 10, 2011

frog: Nurturing The Desire To Keep

Is it worth it for companies to charge more for a higher quality product that lasts longer?

IoT august 16, 2011

Ed Cotton: The Local Movement Is Growing Beyond Food

Ed Cotton delves into the meaning of 'local' beyond the food and restaurant industry and what it means in the face of a world that is still very dependant on mass-produced products developed in faraway lands.

Innovation july 27, 2011

Ricebowlproject: Crowdsourcing On A Micro Level

A new crowdfunding platform aims to help inspire change among local and international communities through community-based initiatives.

Advertising july 4, 2011

InfluAds: A Crowdsourced Advertising Network

Online ads need to modernize to keep pace with changing technology. Asking user what they want to see is one way to accomplish that.

Technology june 23, 2011

Expert Insight: The World’s Experts For Rent

A new website utilizes the reputation of famed and respected industry members.

Design & Architecture may 23, 2011

The Hidden Dangers Of Over-Branding

Strategist Graham Button has written a great piece at Co.Design that explores the problems of over-branding, and explains how too many trivial, low quality choices can drag down the quality of life of the consumer.

Gaming & Play april 27, 2011

Ed Cotton: We Demand Craft And Attention To Detail

The important thing about attention to detail from brands and experiences, is the more you notice it, the greater you feel its absence when it's not there.

Advertising october 13, 2010

Starbucks Instructs Employees To Take More Time Preparing Drinks

Will the coffee chain's move to deliver a shot of quality to their offerings only result in longer wait times?

Work july 7, 2010

Seth Godin: The Non-Optimized Life

When you measure an activity, you can improve it. Computers make it easy to optimize just about every portion of your life.

Home february 22, 2010

Bedouin Bags: Buy Quality And Buy Once

Bedouin strongly believes in long product life cycles, constructing handmade bags that stand the test of time.


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