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Technology may 22, 2013

IBM’s Watson Is The Newest Customer Service Representative

The Engagement Advisor will answer questions, offer feedback and troubleshoot problems for brands.

Technology january 22, 2013

Airport Avatars Can Tell If Travelers Are Lying

A lie detector kiosk can identify whether flyers are telling the truth through their facial expressions, eye movement, and verbal responses.

Arts & Culture november 22, 2012

Chatroulette & Twitter Mashup Lets Users Answer Random Questions

You Asked It connects random strangers on social media.

Technology september 5, 2011

@author Connects Readers And Writers On Twitter And Amazon

The new feature lets readers ask questions via their Kindle or on Amazon's Author Pages.

Work august 30, 2010

Re-Introducing The PurpleList

The PurpleList now is a Q&A service that allows our readers to provide advice - and get paid for it. We aim to grow the network to about 4,000 carefully over the next couple of months.

Design & Architecture february 25, 2010

How To Kill Innovation With Just Two Words

What's one of the enemies of real innovation?


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