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IoT august 2, 2013

Honda’s Light And Sound Installation Recreates Record-Breaking Race [Video]

Ayrton Senna’s 1989 lap becomes the focus of the brand’s new short.

Retail may 29, 2013

Luxury Video Game Comes With Its Own Race Car

Grid 2 Bac Mono Edition that costs $190,000 comes with a player's own personalized vehicle.

Design & Architecture may 14, 2013

Volkswagen Hatchback Redesigned To Be A Race Car

The new Design Vision GTI Golf concept car has 503 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque.

Technology february 27, 2012

Turn Your iPhone Into A Race Car [Video]

Makego's iOS app lets you select a vehicle and interact with the driver and their world through animations and sound.

Technology january 12, 2012

A Remote Control Car You Can Drive With Your iPhone [CES 2012]

Tech company, Dexim, has released a new app for smartphones and tablets that lets you control a toy car or truck just by turning your device left or right.

Design & Architecture november 16, 2010

Special Key Turns Normal Sports Car Into A Race Car

Mustang creates a control device that will adjust the settings of its Boss 302 model to transform it into a higher-performance vehicle.


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