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Technology august 8, 2016

Meet The Umbrella That Will Make Sure You Don’t Ever Lose It

Created by Japanese company Fantastick, the accessory will help you navigate back to it if you ever leave it behind

Work september 19, 2013

Street Art Only Appears During Torrential Downpours [Pics]

Creative new form of covert street art uses NeverWet as an urban magic marker.

Travel july 15, 2013

Cyclist Newspaper Doubles As Shoe-Drying Kit [Pics]

Dual-purpose printed matter gives cyclists an easy way to deal with the rain.

Luxury june 14, 2013

Water-Filled Condom Installation Lights Up Public Square [Pics]

Spanish lighting collective create installation inspired by rain.

Design & Architecture november 30, 2012

Invisible Umbrella Repels Raindrops With Air

Concept gadget blows a steady steam of oxygen to keep users dry.

Home june 9, 2011

The House Where It Rains Inside

A new installation in Denmark features a house with constant indoor rain showers.

Design & Architecture january 25, 2011

Raindrop-Inspired Urban Watering Can [Pics]

The Pure Raindrop Mini collects rainwater for your urban garden.

Innovation june 16, 2010

Using Airplanes To Make Clouds Rain

A new study suggests that planes could modify weather by simply flying through clouds.

Work may 5, 2010

Making It Rain With Lasers?

An experiment at the University of Geneva gives hope to the promise of on-demand rain.


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