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[News] REI will close all of its 149 stores for Black Friday
Advertising may 25, 2016

Pop-Up Sweatshop Alerts Shoppers To The Cost of Cheap Fashion

A stylish boutique in Amsterdam leads unsuspecting shoppers to a pop-up sweatshop

Design & Architecture may 11, 2016

These Temporary Tattoos Can Detect A Soba Allergy

The unobtrusive stick-on patch turns red if it senses an allergy and prevents harm

Advertising may 5, 2016

Solar Intensity Meter Helps Keep Your Skin Healthy

A medical co-op in Brazil is raising awareness about the importance of sunscreen

Travel april 19, 2016

This Hotel Chain Hopes To Make A Difference By Growing Its Own Vegetables

AccorHotels plans on growing its own vegetables, drastically reducing food waste overall

Technology march 14, 2016

Peru's GoPro-Carrying Vultures Seek Out Illegal Garbage Dumps

In Lima, a new campaign is employing birds to solve the city's trash problem

Design & Architecture march 8, 2016

Political Lace Flashes Every Time a Teen Dies During Childbirth

A wearable can do more than just catch your eye—it can start an important conversation

Cities february 9, 2016

Scratch & Sniff Posters Neutralize Smelly MTA Subway Stations

Coming soon to a foul subway stop near you

Work february 3, 2016

Stop Undermining Your Professional Voice with a Gmail Plug-In

A simple way to assert yourself in office emails

Arts & Culture january 29, 2016

Imagining a Future Where Bullying Only Lives On in Museums

This exhibition hopes to make bullying a relics of the past

Home january 25, 2016

Borrow and Lend Designer Clothes for Free on Instagram

Share clothes instead of tossing them in the trash

Health january 20, 2016

Ride This Bike to Better Understand Multiple Sclerosis

Bicycle simulates symptoms of a debilitating disease to raise awareness

Advertising january 20, 2016

Think Before You Pump: CO2 Warning Labels Raise Awareness

Label campaign urges drivers to ponder their effect on global warming

Home january 4, 2016

Garbage Bins Designed to Catch Debris in the Ocean

A less expensive and far easier alternative to trash boats


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