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Arts & Culture october 18, 2016

Interactive Mirror Moves And Shifts With The Viewer

Fragments is a surface of 200 panels that react to the onlooker, creating new ways of framing one's self-image

Design & Architecture october 3, 2013

Water Curtains Create Outdoor Structure For Music Festival [Pics]

Design collective Random International creates a sculpture similar to the MoMA's Rain Room.

Technology september 29, 2013

Ephemeral Lighting Acts As A Pathway To Sustained Human Interaction [Future of Light]

Intuitive interfaces synced with light are lowering the barrier to engagement and creating novel ways for people to interact with a space.

Technology september 29, 2013

Responsive Light Mirrors Human Movement To Create Engaging Spaces [Future of Light]

Technologies are being used to translate people's gestures into graphic images of light to achieve different ends.

Arts & Culture october 8, 2012

Installation Visitors Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet

'Rain Room' exhibit in London is a non-stop shower that responds to visitors’ movements.

Technology may 15, 2012

Performative Light Installation Mirrors Human Movement [Video]

'Future Self' brought together media artist collective rAndom International, choreographer Wayne McGregor, and composer Max Richter.


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