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[Inspiration] Tupac-themed resturant opens in honor of late artist
Syndicated june 7, 2016

Muhammad Ali's Influence Ran Deep Through Rap's Golden Age

Some have argued that the Champ was the first rapper

Work january 31, 2014

Robot Creates Light Paintings Based On Rap Lyrics [Pics]

A rap scholar uses artists' geographical locations, aspirations and favorite locales to create stunning visualizations.

Design & Architecture november 19, 2013

Map Visualizes How Rap Names Were Created [Pics]

Poster categorizes and connects over 1,000 famous rap monikers.

Technology september 5, 2013

Live Video Battles Help Discover Aspiring Rappers

Created by entrepreneur Erik Torenberg, is a platform that hosts live rap competitions.

Editors Pick june 11, 2013

Rap Icon Releases Coloring Book For Grown Ups [Pics]

Color your own rapper with print-outs from this Tumblr, soon to be a real book.

IoT april 9, 2013

Why Snoop Lion Is Trying To Rebrand Himself As PG

The former pimp, shrewd businessman and multiple joint smoker is trying to remold himself into a more family-friendly version.

Design & Architecture march 27, 2013

NYC Street Signs Replaced With Rap Lyrics

Artist Jay Shells pays tribute to the Big Apple's music culture with a series of placards peppered across the city.

Work august 13, 2012

Beastie Boys Star Adam Yauch Bans The Use Of His Image In Advertisements

Late rapper's estate states never to license his music, art or face for commercial purposes.

Arts & Culture august 1, 2012

Spiritual Awakening Turns Snoop Dogg Into A Reggae Artist [Headlines]

After a trip to Jamaica the rap artist decides to quit his hip hop roots and re-enter the world as "Snoop Lion."

Technology april 18, 2012

Tupac Hologram May Go On Tour

Following its Coachella debut, the CGI Tupac Shakur may join Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre on a full-scale tour.

Innovation march 15, 2012

Springwise: Rapper Releases One Copy Of His Single Online For Listeners To Share

Swedish artist Adam Tensta is trying out a new publishing model by offering only one copy of his new single on his Facebook page.

Home december 22, 2011

Hip Hop And Foursquare: Tupac's History And Jay-Z's Empire State Of Mind

The social app is being used to document the rapper's life and to take fans through spots mentioned in the hit song featuring Alicia Keys.

Sustainability september 21, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: A 19 Year Old On Conspicuous Consumption

A millenial's thought's on the culture of consuming luxury products propagated by certain musical artists.


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