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Design & Architecture november 4, 2013

Could Anti-Rape Undergarments Dissuade Attackers?

New protective gear is immovable once locked in place.

Work june 21, 2013

Are Anti-Sexual Assault Products The Answer To Rape Culture?

In our battle against the pervasive societal emphasis on sexual violence, these one-off items for women might not be the best strategy.

Technology april 9, 2013

Rape Protection Lingerie Shocks Attackers

A new undergarment designed by students in India would help victims fend of rapists while simultaneously alerting the authorities.

Work february 20, 2013

Does Facebook Have A Problem With Women?

The platform insists that it strongly disapproves of 'hate speech' and associated media but disturbing pictures of violence against women have not yet been removed.

Arts & Culture october 21, 2011

WMMNA: The Amnesty International Photojournalism Awards

As part of Photomonth this year's best human rights awareness photos will be displayed in London's Human Rights Action Centre.


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