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Technology january 29, 2014

Rapid Prototyping System Mixes 3D-Printing And LEGO [Pics]

FaBrickation is a research project that aims to save time by replacing smaller parts with Lego bricks.

Work june 13, 2012

Custom-Fitted British Olympic Cycling Helmets Made From 3D Heads Scans

Crux Product Design reveals the new helmets for Team GB, which are smaller and more aerodynamic.

Arts & Culture march 1, 2012

Smithsonian 3D Prints Its Archives To Provide Greater Access To Its Collection

The institution is printing and scanning various items from its vault to allow the pieces to be displayed in more than one place simultaneously.

IoT june 7, 2011

3D-Printed Bikini Is Ready-To-Wear

An iconic piece in a women's wardrobe becomes a transformative milestone in the world of fast-fashion.

Technology march 9, 2011

3D Printing A Lightweight, Super Strong Bicycle

3D printed nylon bike is harder, stronger and more sustainable than traditional bikes.

Design & Architecture january 26, 2011

British Engineer Designs A New Heart Implant For Himself

Wary of conventional surgery, a heart patient successfully develops a life saving device, and in the process, gives hope to others with the same condition.

Innovation december 29, 2010

Bespoke Innovations Brings Creative Design To Prosthetic Limbs [Pics]

Design firm adds style and personalization to a normally bland object.

Work july 30, 2010

This Week In Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this past week.

Arts & Culture june 14, 2010

Art Objects Made From Human Ash

An artist questions the emotional value of consumer products using 3D printing and an unusual material.

Work september 1, 2009

Weizenegger's Paper Chair

A forthcoming exhibition at the Appel Gallery in Berlin presents the new work of designer Hermann August Weizenegger. The Digital Couture work presents varied objects designed with rapid prototyping and traditional 'turning'.

Sustainability august 19, 2009
Design & Architecture june 10, 2009

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