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[Insight] How startups are leveraging technology to prevent real estate scamming in New York
Design & Architecture august 9, 2016

Floating House Can Be Split In Two If A Marriage Goes South

The 'Prenup House' is a conceptual structure that can easily detach if a couple decides to split

Work december 15, 2015

Should a Real Estate Company Cash in on Climate Change Awareness?

A company using global warming as a marketing tool may be satire, but the feedback from the credulous is very real

[Insight] Changing economic trends push millennials away from cities
Syndicated december 1, 2015

Who Owns Our Cities—And Why This Urban Takeover Should Concern Us All

The huge post-credit crunch buying up of urban buildings by corporations has significant implications for equity, democracy and rights

Technology september 18, 2015

The Real Estate Industry is Going 3D

Archilogic lets you convert property listings into interactive models so you can design your future home before you move in

Retail august 7, 2015

Try Out Furnishings and Paint Colors in a Zero-Commitment 3D World

Rooomy app gives consumers, real estate agents and retailers a virtual 3D marketplace that beats swiping through product catalogs

Mobile june 1, 2015

Make Finding Your Dream Home Less of an App Nightmare

RealSavvy streamlines home search, discovery and buying for real estate agents and owners alike

Retail january 19, 2015

Pop-Up Store Pioneers: How Temporary Retail Experiences Create Long-Term Value

Storefront founders present their retail marketplace and dissect the value of unique and adaptable experiences

Travel september 18, 2014

Get Your Airbnb Listing Written by a Professional Travel Writer

Airspruce will create an eye-catching summary of your property and neighborhood to attract travelers to choose your home

IoT may 21, 2014

The Oculus Rift Could Be The Key To Planning Future Cities

Vrban makes it easy for architects to collaborate in the virtual world using the device.

Work april 8, 2014

Online Marketplace Connects Budding Startups With Office Spaces

HiRise could cut out the costly and time-consuming middle man within the real estate industry.

Design & Architecture march 20, 2014

New NYC Neighborhood Will Be Built Over Active Train Tracks [Video]

The Hudson Yards project will add 5,000 new housing units as an extension to the High Line.

Technology february 20, 2014

Potential Buyers Can Purchase Homes Via Their Mobile Phones

Barclays’ Pingit mobile payments service enables people to put down a deposit on a house just by scanning a QR code.


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