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Work february 25, 2013

Augmented Reality Video Content Visible On Mobile Devices

NTT's new technology, Visual SyncAR, allows those with mobile devices to view augmented reality video via digital watermarking.

Gaming & Play november 9, 2012

Magazine Features ‘Playable’ Augmented Reality Video Game Cover

Blippar app partners with weekly magazine publisher to present some interactive retro fun on the front.

Design & Architecture december 29, 2010

DIY 3rd Person Realtime Viewing

The eternal question of 'does this make me look fat?' may soon be thing of the past if BigRedRocket's invention was strapped on worldwide.

Home november 12, 2010

100 Interviews: Gaby Dunn And The Art of Face-To-Face Meeting

Gaby Dunn conducts 100 interviews in a year based on a list of the kind of people she knew existed in New York City and wanted to meet.

Advertising october 4, 2010

Grant McCracken: How Do We Make Culture?

Observations on culture creation, world building and meaning.

Gaming & Play march 19, 2010

Play: A Film About The Blurring Distinctions Between The Physical And Virtual

Play is a short film which looks into a future where video games and reality are almost indistinguishable.

Technology february 25, 2010

Technology, Game Mechanics And Bridging The Virtual-Actual Divide

Game developer Jesse Schell talks about how the explosion of the virtual in our lives has driven us to crave more reality in every facet of life.

Arts & Culture november 19, 2009

The Body Image Project: A Movement To Celebrate The Real You

The Body Image Project cuts to the chase and asks the simple question, "How do you feel about your body?"

Arts & Culture may 6, 2009

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