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Apple and Will.I.Am will launch a TV show about the app economy (The Next Web)
Technology october 15, 2013

Israeli Singing Competition Uses Real Time Fan Voting

Reality show increases fan engagement by revealing results during the contestant performances.

Travel october 7, 2013

Reality Show Launches Competing Participants Into Space

NBC buys the rights for a show that will send one winner into space on a Virgin Galactic flight.

Luxury august 9, 2013

Rich Kids Of Instagram Inspire Reality TV Show

A reality series based loosely on Rich Kids of Instagram will soon be on television.

Advertising august 9, 2013

Fake Toys Help Control Naughty Children

To promote the reality TV show, Publicis in Brazil placed a line of faux educational toys on actual store shelves.

Cities june 26, 2013

Teen Reality Show Broadcast Solely On Social Media Channels

@SummerBreak is a new unscripted mobile series that tracks a group of high school seniors in Los Angeles.

Work june 5, 2013

Heineken Launches Reality TV Series

The documentary-style series challenges contestants with bizarre situations and tests their survival skills.

Advertising june 4, 2013

Fake Subway Ads Critique Reality TV

PBS creates posters for ridiculous, fictitious shows that probably would be popular if they were real.

august 15, 2012

Nobel Peace Laureates Condemn Reality TV Show ‘Glorifying’ War [Headlines]

Nine laureates have banded together to criticize NBC reality show Stars Earn Stripes for its encouragement of violence.

VH1 And Smirnoff Search For The “Master of the Mix”
Technology june 7, 2012

Reality TV Show Plans To Put Humans On Mars By 2022 [Video]

An ambitious project that will attempt to colonize the Red Planet.

Arts & Culture december 13, 2011

Budweiser To Revive Brand With Reality TV Show

Beer brewer hopes to increase sales with new television show airing January next year.

Work november 15, 2011

Reality TV’s Instant Stars Populate A Magazine [Headlines]

The publisher of the National Enquirer will release a magazine devoted to reality TV celebrities.

Work october 25, 2011

MTV To Create Reality Show On Occupy Wall Street Movement

The network will air an episode of True Life on November 5 to document youth occupiers of Zuccotti Park.


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