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Work january 20, 2013

Reinventing Real-Time Communication [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Jeff Beringer the Digital Marketing Innovation VP about new technology tools that are facilitating new kinds of brand conversations.

Technology september 30, 2012

PSFK’s Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from one that prevents texting while driving to a light bulb that's controlled by your phone.

Technology september 18, 2012

TopShop Lets Fans Customize & Buy Looks Straight From The Catwalk

TopShop partners with Facebook to develop a unique, digitally-enhanced runway experience that puts customers in charge.

Design & Architecture june 15, 2011

New Geo-Cosmos At Tokyo’s Museum Of Emerging Science And Innovation

The new 20-foot Geo-Cosmos is the largest of its kind in the world and reflects Earth as seen from space.

Advertising may 4, 2011

VW’s New Holographic Dashboard GPS Navigator [Video]

Volkswagen and MIT have been developing the AIDA navigation system for years and the latest concept involves a display that covers the entire dashboard, instrument panel and even the side-view mirrors.

Design & Architecture december 29, 2010

DIY 3rd Person Realtime Viewing

The eternal question of 'does this make me look fat?' may soon be thing of the past if BigRedRocket's invention was strapped on worldwide.

Mobile november 9, 2010

United Nations: How We Will Gather Realtime Data

PSFK is working with the UN Global Pulse team on a new "Future Of" report that is due out in December.

Cities october 13, 2010

An Intelligent City Takes Shape In Portugal

An ambitious project to create a community with interconnected systems akin to the human brain is being planned for the city of Paredes.

Home april 21, 2010

NetVibes Introduces A New Realtime Information Tracking Tool

Netvibes has launched a realtime tracking platform for content on the web.

Work march 30, 2010

Flexible Sensors Map Real Time Cardiac Activities

Scientists have developed flexible sensors that can map real time cardiac activity of a beating heart.

Technology march 25, 2010

iPhone Application Tracks And Shares Fitness Runs Live

RunKeeper Live is a new feature in the Runkeeper iPhone application which allows users to share and track their outdoor activities in real time with their contacts.

Design & Architecture march 25, 2010

Glisten Hive: Mapping The Lives Of Animals Through Twitter

Project *glisten) HIVE aims to raise awareness on the complex state of existence of animals through an interactive audio-video projection.

IoT february 8, 2010

Withings Wi-Fi Scale Partners With Google Health

Withings has partnered with Google Health to connect their Wi-Fi scale directly to your personal record, approaching a realtime picture of overall health and fitness.

IoT october 5, 2009

Livestream’s Livepack: A Satellite Television Truck in a Backpack

Livestream's Livepack is a portable, all-in-one video system that has been self-described as "a satellite television truck in a backpack." By simply plugging in a camera, users have everything they need to stream HD quality footage directly onto the web.


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