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Technology september 2, 2016

This Recipe Platform And Connected Oven Combo Could Make You A Better Chef

Home cooks will be able to control timer and temperature of kitchen appliances automatically and receive notifications when their food is ready

Mobile july 28, 2016

Whole Foods Chatbot Uses Emojis To Find Recipes

The all-natural supermarket is helping its customers shop more effectively by making it easier to source meal ideas

Technology june 1, 2015

Turn the Internet's Food Porn into a Personalized Recipe Book

Handpick is a powerful food app that works with what's in your fridge to return over 10 million possible dishes

Arts & Culture december 16, 2014

Digital Recipe Service Preserves Treasured Handwritten Notes

New service from Knorr reflects the changing way we interact with the written word

Design & Architecture november 11, 2014

Yummly Introduces Recipe Suggestions Based On Your Contextual Information

App update offers personalized meal recommendations according to dining preferences, weather, time of day and location

Innovation may 1, 2014

Google Glass Cooking App Offers Hands Free Recipies

SousChef provides step-by-step instructions for all your favorite meals.

IoT march 7, 2014

iPad-Connected Kitchen Scale Tweaks Recipes On The Fly

Joining the expansive world of the Internet Of Things, Drop can adjust recipes and quantities if you’re short on certain ingredients.

Gaming & Play november 12, 2013

Video Game Meals Recreated As Real-Life Dishes [Pics]

Daniella Zelli runs the site Gourmet Gaming, where she creates physical versions of the foods found in popular virtual worlds.

Luxury august 6, 2013

YouTube For Culinary Enthusiasts Challenges Traditional Cable Food Networks

New digital platform aims to connect the world through food.

Innovation may 3, 2013

Recipes Infographics Help Chefs Make Perfect Meal [Pics]

Making food doesn't have to be complicated thanks to this visual guide.

Work september 19, 2012

Home Delivered Fresh Ingredients With The Recipes To Prepare Them

Blue Apron makes cooking at home more convenient by sending users meal ideas and the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare them.

Gaming & Play august 8, 2012

New Zynga Game Chefville Rewards Players With Real Recipes [Headlines]

Introducing "from game to table," where gamers earn recipes they can prepare in real life.

Innovation june 8, 2012

Tablet Doubles As A Cutting Board And Cookbook

Jaewan Jeong’s ‘Almighty Board’ smart kitchen gadget can be used for cutting and weighing food, reading recipes and instructions.

Retail may 21, 2012

Hellmann’s Prints Recipes On Grocery Receipts Based On The Food Purchased [Video]

The mayonnaise brand and Ogilvy Brazil print recipes out on buyers’ grocery store receipts, which include their other ingredients.


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