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Making Big Data Work for You: Lessons from British Airways – Yahoo Small Business Advisor
British Airways’ Know Me program provides staff with passenger data so they can acknowledge flyers based on their status or upcoming flight experience
See your name in lights above your seat to board quickly
Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance –
3. Facial Scanning Will Transform Airport Security
Is your name Simran or Rahul? Virgin Atlantic offers discounts if you have a popular Bollywood name | Latest News & Gossip on Popular Trends at
PayPal tries fingerprinting to cement smart watch-triggered sales – Payments – Mobile Commerce Daily
Concert Goers Can Now Buy Drinks By Stating Their Name
Technology march 11, 2013

Google Glass App Can Identify People By Their Clothing

A new project explores automatic recognition in a visual surrounding using the search giant's new gadget.

Work august 29, 2012

App Turns Project Management Into A Collaborative Game

The 'Props To You' platform implements gamification elements to get team members to complete tasks in the workplace for points, prizes, and recognition.

Technology may 31, 2012

Make Any Screen A Touchscreen With A Tiny Camera

By using sensor technology from the Microsoft Kinect to give any Windows display gesture capability, Ubi Interactive asks us to think twice before getting rid of our old screens.

Mobile december 16, 2011

Interactive Game Empowers 'Heroes' To Capture Climate Abuse [Future Of Gaming]

Climate Heroes is Gaming for Good concept that gives players the opportunity to become a superhero and take up the fight to solve the planet’s climate issues.

august 22, 2011

IBM Boasts First Chip In 'Cognitive Computing' [Headlines]

Imagine a microchip that reacts to new information the way the human brain does. IBM announces development on technology that can do this.

august 5, 2011

Germany Plans Legal Action Against Facebook Over Facial Recognition [Headlines]

Germany finds Facebook's facial recognition technology a breech of privacy and data protection laws.


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