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Travel september 22, 2016

Crowdsourced Video Reviews Provide Dining Recommendations

Streethacker is a platform for restaurant enthusiasts to create and share bite-sized, ten second clips

Retail june 2, 2016

This Bot Tells You Where To Eat Before You Even Ask

Discovery app powered by Foursquare offers recommendations based on where you've been

Luxury june 9, 2014

Intelligent Algorithm Identifies The Most Popular Items On A Restaurant’s Menu

HotSauce gives you everything you need to take the guesswork out of ordering.

Work november 28, 2013

Nate Dwyer: From Engines To Agencies, Can’t Someone Help to Plan My Trip?

By connecting customer preferences with knowledgable agents, travel sites can offer better service and take the pain out of the planning process.

Spotsetter — For Those With Well-Traveled Friends
Field Trip — Your Well-Read, Local Best Friend
LocalMind — Get Real Answers from Local Experts
Like a Local — Curated Recommendations from Locals
Design & Architecture november 17, 2013

Making Algorithms More Human [Future Of Retail]

PSFK Labs looks at Adaptive Personalization tools that create perfectly unique experiences for every customer.

Technology september 6, 2013

Netflix-Style Library Offers E-Book Access For A Flat Fee

Oyster is an iPhone app that gives users access to more than 100,000 books from leading publishers at a monthly rate.

Design & Architecture august 13, 2013

iPad Drink Ordering System Turns Bars Into Social Networks

Logbar in Tokyo gives every customer an iPad for designing their own drinks and receiving auto-recommendations.

Retail july 22, 2013

E-Commerce Platform Knows What Shoppers Want To Buy Before They Do

Wish knows what users want to buy without them explicitly saying so, and creates personalized feeds of products for them to shop.

Technology june 3, 2013

Cable Box Lets People See What Their Friends Are Watching

Fan TV combines live TV, DVR, and streaming services in one, and comes with a touchpad remote control.


Digital's Next Wave: Hyper-Personalization
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