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NYCxDesign Highlights: Celestial Table, Unique LEDs And Ultimate Plant Hanger

Cardboard Standing Desk You Can Set Up Anywhere is 100% Recyclable

Cardboard iPad Stand Adds Slow Tech Edge To Tablet

Hotel Rooms Constructed From Trash Call Attention To Forgotten Urban Areas

Cloud-Shaped Changing Room Expands And Contracts To Fit Shoppers

Bike Helmet Made From Recycled Newspaper [Video]

Puma Launches Biodegradable Shoes & Apparel

Cardboard Furniture Perfect For College Students [Pics]

Natural Bio Lamp Shows Its Feeling Through Its Glow[Pics]

Handmade Electrical Plugs & Sockets Are More Sustainable & Practical

Recyclable Roll-Up Chair Influenced By Modern Architecture

Evian’s 2011 Design Bottle By Courrèges

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