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Technology may 5, 2015

3D Print With Filament Made from Old Car Dashboards

Dutch startup Refil is recycling car parts for more sustainable 3D printing

Mobile june 25, 2014

3D Printer Uses Plastic Waste To Create New Objects

"Waste is only waste if we waste it," says designer, who created a recycled version of Beats headphones.

Sustainability april 22, 2014

Ocean Trash Gets A Second Life As A Pair Of Shoes [Video]

British fashion trio create a pair of plastic sneakers from rubbish collected on the beach.

Work october 24, 2013

Machines Let Local Citizens Upcycle Their Own Plastics

Dave Hakkens has developed a number of machines that recycle plastic and let people create new products locally.

Home september 13, 2013

Vending Machine Exchanges Plastic Bottles For T-Shirts

During New York Fashion Week, Plastics Make it Possible partnered with designer Allison Parris to dispense clothes made of recycled material.

Design & Architecture september 3, 2012

Indoor Planter Hangs Upside Down To Save Floor Space

Patrick Morris' design has a porous reservoir, which can be refilled through a hole in the top to deliver water to the plant through diffusion.

Sustainability july 9, 2010

Bionic Yarn: Using Recycled Plastic Bottles To Make Fabric

Textile manufacturing company promotes sustainable clothing by using waste as its raw material.

Innovation june 25, 2010

Electrolux To Recycle Waste Plastic From Oceans Into Vacuum Cleaners

The new project aims to clean up the sea while also procuring raw material for its appliances.


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