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Work october 20, 2013

How Brands Can Make Themselves Heard Through Sound Design

How using different stimuli can create an emotional connection between an individual and a company's identity.

Retail november 29, 2012

Red Stripe Hacks Beers To Play Song When They're Touched

The lager brand turned ordinary objects on the shelves and floors into an orchestra, rigged to play when someone grabbed its product from the fridge.

Design & Architecture may 1, 2012

Red Stripe Creates Giant Space Invaders Game Out Of Traffic Barriers [Video]

Artist turns everyday objects into an interactive large-scale retro arcade installation.

Technology december 6, 2011

Beer Brand Sponsors Cultural Project To Make Unique Sound System Out Of Cans [Video]

Sound artist Yuri Suzuki creates a fully-functioning structure as part of the 'Make with a Red Stripe' series.

Advertising november 15, 2011

Red Stripe Teams Up With Japanese Sound Artist To Create Installation Out Of Beer Cans

The latest project in a series of works by the beer company, which pay tribute to the DIY culture of Jamaica.


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