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Travel october 27, 2016

Architect's Design Presents A Radically New Approach For New York's Penn Station

The firm of Vishaan Chakrabarti has envisioned a bright community and travel hub in the heart of the city

Arts & Culture november 18, 2014

US Currency Concept Emphasizes Accomplishments of the Living, Not Dead

Stylish redesign puts collective achievements ahead of famous individuals

Work october 22, 2014

Classic Rubber Bands Redesigned as Cubes

Design firm Nendo transforms the everyday office supply with a geometric shape that improves versatility and style

Design & Architecture october 16, 2014

Norwegian Currency Redesign Inspires U.S. Concepts

In light of new designs being announced for the kroner, an anonymous Reddit user mocked up beautiful new designs for the dollar

Mobile september 10, 2014

Starbucks Integrates Uber into App Redesign

On-demand car service opens software platform to high-profile companies

News september 3, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Miller Lite redesigns a tad, Netflix wants to welcome back folks to the water cooler and Motorola adds a tinge of crystal to its smartwatch

Retail august 15, 2014

Christian Louboutin Reopens London Store With Modish Redesign

Luxury French designer's store renovation speaks to the brand's style

Work august 15, 2014

Ad Agency Revamps Craigslist Ads

Need to add some punch to your online listing? This fun-loving group of agency folks has your back

Mobile august 13, 2014

US Postal Service Gets Patriotic, Modern Redesign

New York-based agency GrandArmy has created new branding designs for the government agency

Luxury july 16, 2014

New Airbnb Logo Adapts A Symbol Of Belonging

Airbnb unveiled its new logo on Wednesday, igniting a social media frenzy due to its inadvertently sexual design.

Technology january 8, 2014

Redesigned NY Times Catches Up With The Blog Era

The iconic newspaper recreated its online portal with a minimalist and contemporary design and more fluid interface.

Design & Architecture september 19, 2013

Wider Potato Chip Packaging Ensures Grease-Free Snacking [Pics]

Bag of chips designed for men with big hands hits the shelves.

Travel september 11, 2013

How An Upholstery Expert Ended Up Redesigning An Entire Fleet Of Planes [Video]

KLM hired an interior decorator who knew nothing about airplanes to design their cabin space.

Work september 11, 2013

Redesigned Nike HQ Emphasizes The Brand’s Rich Heritage [Pics]

Creative agency Rosie Lee has created a vibrant and colorful workspace for the global sportswear company.


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