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Design august 26, 2016

This Windbreaker Lets You Explore The Outdoors While Charging Your Phone

The apparel includes solar panels that allow the wearer to stay connected through the power of renewable energy

Sustainability july 8, 2016

Collapsible Battery Is Powered By Dirty Water

Two engineers have created an origami-like battery that generates energy via microbial metabolism

Syndicated june 21, 2016

Marks & Spencer Crowdfunds Solar Panels For Its Stores

Retailer joins forces with community-focused energy group to raise £1.2m for panel installation on nine large outlets

Advertising february 8, 2016

The Alphabet Moonshot Ventures That Could Change the World

Google makes the money, but Alphabet’s looking to cure aging and build robot butlers

[Stat] Germany on track to meet 100% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2050
Advertising december 11, 2015

World’s First Wind Turbine Amusement Park is Dutch-Made, Everyone-Approved

An energy company wants to educate the public about sustainability and renewable energy with fun as its propaganda tool

Cities october 27, 2015

Desert Mega-Project Positions Morocco as Solar Superpower

World’s largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun, set to help renewables provide almost half the country’s energy by 2020

Culture october 14, 2015

9 Ideas to Spark Innovation in the Energy Sector

Innovation is essential to improving access to renewable energy, but can it be accelerated? And how?

Design may 1, 2015

Tesla’s Low-Cost Solar Batteries Guarantee Sustainable Energy World

Elon Musk claims two billion of the batteries could provide all of world’s energy needs

Design may 30, 2014

‘Moon Energy’ Could Beat Solar And Wind To Power The World

Tidal energy may become one of the best sources of renewable energy.

Design april 25, 2014

Chicago Eatery Creates Zero Waste [Video]

It took this restaurant two years to produce eight gallons of garbage.

Cities april 23, 2014

Eco-City In Turkey Burns Pistachio Shells For Biogas

Up to 60 percent of the city's heat could be provided by leftover nuts.

Innovation may 22, 2013

Artificial Forest Converts Sunlight Into Oxygen

Scientists at Berkeley Lab harness the sun's energy for fuel.

Innovation april 23, 2013

Reused Cooking Oil Could Power 40,000 Homes

London's excess fat could be a regular source of electricity in the future.


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