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Design & Architecture september 8, 2014

Aluminum Press Manipulates Junk Mail into Functional Items

Designer Andrew Simpson's collection of reincarnated trash now formed into new, useful products

Design & Architecture january 9, 2014

Cozy Campus Hideout Carved From A Former Parking Lot [Pics]

A group of South Korean architecture students collaborated with a design firm to reclaim a campus space for themselves.

Work may 15, 2013

Mechanical Wooden Skin Keeps Building Cool

Movable membrane for a student housing project controls ventilation and sunlight.

Technology march 25, 2013

Trash Sculpture Turns Into Michael Jackson When Illuminated

Diet Wiegman puts a new spin on garbage by turning it into art when lit up by a spotlight.

Arts & Culture march 26, 2012

A Wine Bottle That Can Be Recycled Into Three Useful Objects

This familiar object transforms into a spoon, a lantern and a drinking glass.

Technology march 1, 2012

Vintage Hardcover Book Jackets Repurposed As Kindle Cases [Pics]

The BookCase from Swell Accessories lets you protect your e-reader with a cover made from an old book.

Sustainability april 18, 2011

Renault Factory Repurposed As A ‘Living’ School

A former car plant in the north of France is being re-purposed as a sustainable learning center.

Retail april 5, 2011

Portland’s Double Decker Bus Shop

A 1965 bus found on Craigslist is serving the public once again with affordable, vintage dresses.

Sustainability december 6, 2010

Revived Wood & Asymmetrical Design [Pic]

An industrial designer upcycles old wooden shipping pallets, creating unique chairs with a handmade feel.

Design & Architecture june 29, 2010

(Pic) Clothesline Inspired Lamp

A project commissioned for a Florence restaurant illuminates old garments.


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