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Technology may 11, 2016

How Pre-Touch Screens Try To Read Your Mind

Microsoft is developing touchscreen tech that could anticipate actions

Food may 3, 2016

This Coffee Claims The Health Benefits Of Broccoli Without The Taste

How your next cup of java could also boost your immune system

Technology may 3, 2016

This Pocket-Sized Device Can Diagnose Cancer In 20 Minutes

Downsizing the laboratory into a handheld device

Technology april 22, 2016

Paper-Thin LED Could Turn Our Skin Into A Screen

Researchers are taking the concept of wearable technology to a new level

Design & Architecture april 19, 2016

Phone Case Adds 3D Interactive Features For Makers

Using e-paper and sensors, the FlexCase allows for both 2D and 3D manipulation

Health march 16, 2016

How Planned Parenthood is Developing a Redesigned Patient Experience

Imagining an overhaul to traditional healthcare systems through employee empowerment programs and digital transformation

People are more comfortable sharing private health data with phones than with doctors (NYT Magazine)
Work january 21, 2016

Trend Watch: Passive Philanthropy

Doing social good has never been so easy

Work november 10, 2015

Help Cancer Researchers In Your Sleep

Australia is creating an app that crowdsources computing power for researchers

IoT february 4, 2015

Future of Research - Algorithms Aren’t Enough: Why Human Perspective is Essential to Big Data

Scott Lachut from PSFK Labs argues the importance of applying a human perspective on big data insights

Gaming & Play december 10, 2014

Online Tool Gives Detailed Demographic For Any Brand or Person

Compliments of a British research firm, the database search feature thinks it knows whether you prefer cats or dogs based on your habits

Cities september 5, 2014

$1M Grant Dedicated to Researching Memes

As an unusual research project reaches maturity, those whose tricks it exposes get angry

Innovation july 7, 2014

Redesigned Female Condom Is A More Natural Fit For Women's Bodies

A design for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to create an elliptical-shaped female condom.

Advertising december 9, 2013

Facebook May Implement A 'Sympathize' Button

Could we end up with Facebook buttons for a whole range of emotions?


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