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[News] Prepaid internet offers resource for those without credit history
Advertising june 12, 2013

Nestlé Launches Bottled Water Solely For Women

The consumer goods company has introduced its latest brand, targeted at high-income females.

Technology may 24, 2013

Top Ten Urban Trends From BMW Guggenheim Lab

These trends show the most talked about ideas collected from two years of projects and workshops in NYC, Berlin and Mumbai.

Innovation august 23, 2011

Top Human Rights Activists Behind A Laptop [Headlines]

Here's a list of some of some of the top online activists pushing hard for human rights with blogging, crowdsourcing and internet campaigns.

Sustainability august 5, 2011

Ed Cotton: Upcycling Is Logical

As the earth runs out of natural resources, the price of basic commodities will increase and making it necessary for us to upcycle.

Technology november 11, 2010

RecycleMatch: Make Waste a Resource

A new website brings to life the adage "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

Cities march 25, 2010

Promoting Better Awareness Of Water Resources Through Art

Using visual cards placed on Boston's water fountains, Linda Ciesielski of MIT intends to make people aware of water resources and the need to protect them.


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