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Technology august 18, 2013

Creating A More Adaptive Home [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK Labs examines emerging technologies, products and services that are helping bring greater functionality and flexibility to urban lifestyles.

Work august 11, 2013

Building Responsive Systems Helps Us Live More Efficiently [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK Labs examines new technologies that are providing a better way to filter and prioritize content and information.

Technology august 11, 2013

Programmable Blocks Connect Cloud Devices [Future Of Home Living]

Ninja Blocks are cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment and affect their surroundings.

Cities august 11, 2013

WiFi Enabled Doorbell Allows Remote Monitoring [Future Of Home Living]

Doorbot alerts homeowners when someone comes to the door by sending audio and video notifications to their smartphone or tablet.

Work august 11, 2013

How We Are Evolving With Our Technology [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK Labs chats with Ayesha Khanna, director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, on how new technologies are changing the way we interact with our environment.


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