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Travel september 22, 2016

Crowdsourced Video Reviews Provide Dining Recommendations

Streethacker is a platform for restaurant enthusiasts to create and share bite-sized, ten second clips

Syndicated july 6, 2016

How Kellogg’s Killed The Breakfast Cereal Trend

For $7.50 a bowl, the brand’s new cereal cafe is a last-ditch attempt to milk what’s left of the millennial trend that epitomizes gentrification and consumer culture

[Inspiration] Tinder dates affect how restaurants serve customers and design dining rooms
Travel may 19, 2016

Airports Introduce Mobile Order And Pay For Travelers In Transit

Pre-order a coffee from the tarmac and pick it up en route to the next gate

Retail may 12, 2016

Turn The Text Of A Menu Into Real Pictures Of Food

App scans and provides photos of restaurant menus for quick decision-making

Retail may 2, 2016

Service Uses Emojis To Fill Empty Tables At Restaurants

A VIP dining experience that's just an emoji away

Food april 28, 2016

Platform Helps All Restaurants Source Better Local Food

Platform helps small farmers sell their yield to large companies to meet consumer demand

Technology april 6, 2016

Will Automated Restaurants Soon Replace Entry Level Workers?

With more capable robots developed every day, technology could soon impact this industry

Sustainability march 14, 2016

Restaurant Becomes First in US Powered by 100% Clean Energy

Au Fudge earns green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

Syndicated september 3, 2015

San Francisco Restaurant Replaces Humans with iPads

Eatsa in the city’s financial district offers automated ordering, with meals prepared by people whom customers never have to see

Mobile august 12, 2015

Put Awkward After-Dinner Bill Splitting in the Past

Cover is an app that lets you pay for your meal virtually, no loose paper required

Advertising june 8, 2015

How the 99% Movement is Taking On Fine Dining

The collective Occupy 50 Best has launched a campaign challenging the methods and transparency of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list

Home april 21, 2015

Pop-Up Restaurant Saves Food Destined for Trash Bin by Serving It

Chef Dan Barber is unflinchingly proving that food waste can be deliciously repurposed

Home january 27, 2015

Shake Shack Rocks McDonald’s to the Burger Patty

As the fast-food upstart startup heads for a $568m IPO and global expansion, the biggest name in the business is suffering terrible financial results. Why?


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