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Work july 18, 2016

This Chatbot Can Make Sure Your Resume Ends Up In The Right Hands

Automating human resource management is becoming a key focus for the AI chat movement

Design & Architecture october 20, 2014

Resumé That Looks Like a Milk Carton

A graphic designer presents his CV in a somewhat unique, rather colorful format

Home june 30, 2014

Graphic Designer Turns Resume Into A Four Pack Of Beer

Canadian design student successfully used ale to present his new resume, the 'Resum-Ale.'

Work august 15, 2013

Job Seeker Transforms Resume Into Breaking News Site

In an attempt to get his foot in the door in the media industry in NY, Fanis Poulinakis created a site about himself modeled after CNN.

Arts & Culture april 29, 2013

Job Seeker Uses Kickstarter As A Digital Resume

Recent college graduate Jannic Nielssen has adopted the layout and concept of the crowdfunding site to help land him a digital career.

Design & Architecture april 15, 2013

Graphic Designer Creates A Board Game Resume [Pics]

A creative way to get an employer's attention.

Mobile april 4, 2013

Digital Resumes Search Twitter For Latest Job Postings

Gozaik is geared towards young professionals and creates multimedia mosaic-style resumes for the social network.

Innovation january 13, 2013

Propath - A Concept For The Future Of Work

A data-rich visual career mapping tool that helps the user to plot the course of their career with a game-like interface and features.

Mobile january 13, 2013

Reimagining The Resume [Future Of Work]

The co-Founder of Vizify, Todd Silverstein, aims to create a visual representation of your work experience and areas of personal interest.

Cities january 13, 2013

Social Media Profiles Turned Into Resumé Infographics [Future Of Work]

Vizify is an online infographic tool that aggregates a job applicant’s social media data into eye-catching summaries of their personal and professional self.

Technology september 14, 2012

New Startup Creates Resume Data Visualizes And Maps Out Future Careers

ResumUP is testing a service that tells you who and what you need to know in order to achieve your professional goals.

Advertising august 27, 2012

Piers Fawkes: Should You Hire Staff Based On Their Klout Score?

Marketers at the top brands and creative directors at the best ad agencies average higher than their peers. Is it time to use the socialgraph for recruitment?

Technology february 2, 2012

Will Facebook Timeline Replace Your CV? [Headlines]

Latest feature from social media giant might be your future resume.

Technology august 18, 2011

'Uncommon' Peer-To-Peer Consultancy Helps You Prepare For College

A group of undergraduates band together to create a means of assisting high school students in their grueling college applications.


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