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Technology october 26, 2016

Kodak's Smartphone Is Inspired By A Retro Camera

Ektra is an Android phone with a powerful lens aimed at photographers

Arts & Culture may 25, 2016

This Speaker Recreates The Sound Of A Vintage Vinyl Record

Alter your music with a speaker designed to make digital tunes sound retro

Technology may 24, 2016

Camera Provides Old-School Instant Photography That Feels Modern

An instant camera that combines retro design with contemporary technology

Arts & Culture may 18, 2016

Malware Museum Preserves Old Computer Viruses As Art

This collection allows virtual visitors to safely experience malicious programs of the past

Technology may 4, 2016

Vintage Jukebox Streams Tracks To Any Room

Rehoused in a contemporary cabinet, this reimagined device features modern touches

Technology april 14, 2016

Interactive Pinball Machine Lets Anyone Design Their Own Game

Retro-style cabinet updated to reflect the needs of modern gamers

Arts & Culture march 28, 2016

Retro USB Drive Prototypes Pay Homage to Relics of Culture

Old game controllers and past tech devices are portrayed in these USB sticks

Design & Architecture march 11, 2016

A Modern Hard Drive Inspired by the Floppy Disk

The floppy disk comes back around in this retro-inspired hard drive

Gaming & Play january 8, 2015

Physical Video Games Let You Make One Move A Day

Designer challenges people's obsession with instant gratification

Advertising september 17, 2013

Star Trek Episodes Reimagined As ‘60s-Inspired Movie Posters [Pics]

Artist Juan Ortiz’s new book features images of all 80 original episodes of Star Trek, each one revamped as a retro movie poster.

Design & Architecture july 18, 2013

Unused Ski Gondola Transformed Into Vending Machine

Swiss designer takes unused ski lodge equipment and turns into a traditional toy machine.

Mobile july 8, 2013

Popular 1980s Shows Remade As Digital Comics

Miami Vice and Saved By The Bell make their way into the modern age as digital comic books.

Advertising june 6, 2013

McDonalds Big Mac Campaign Appeals To The Internet Generation [Video]

Series of short ads shows the company may have finally figured out the Internet.

Work may 28, 2013

Designers Turn Old Tapes Into Lamps

A collective in Spain transforms used cassettes into useful home items as a tribute to this vintage technology.


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